Stephen Welsh

Stephen Welsh – Reiki Master, Emmett Practitioner and EMM-Tech tutor

Stephen offers an integrated approach to healing using energy work via Reiki and the very effective physical remedial therapy of Emmett technique. “Emmett” is a pain free muscle release therapy that treats issues associated with muscle and connective tissue. Like Reiki, Emmett is suitable for all ages and can of itself enhance the mobility and wellbeing of the client. Each therapy is available independently or in an integrated approach to suit the individual.
EMM-Tech and Reiki training, to all levels is available throughout the year.

EMM-Tech Short Courses

EMM-Tech – first-aid for muscles. A short course in Effective Muscle Management for the general public. After two course in June, the  next dates  are set for August 12 and November in Upwey.  You can read a little more and begin registration through the EMM-Tech page.   I am super-excited about facilitating this course and teaching these exceptionally effective moves from the full practitioners course. 
Expanding horizons: As of Monday July 9th, I will be practicing on Mondays from a clinic in Upwey.  Saturday sessions will still be available in Upwey by appointment.  Home visits  after hours are gaining popularity especially for family groups requiring Emmett treatments. 

Coming Up …

2018 From Feb Reiki Shares @ 7:30pm Upwey Guides Hall. Dates In Upcoming Events (Eyes right ->)
2018 Reiki 1 workshops ( Sunday TBA)
2018 Reiki 2 workshops (Sunday TBA)

Both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 run over 2 days – usually Sundays, other configurations are certainly possible. Contact me for further information.

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