Nourish It.

Our personal wellbeing is unique to each of us and we will each find different factors important such as an intimate relationship, close friends, career, enough money, sufficient sleep, exercise and so on.

Through Emmett treatments you can look after your physical wellbeing and relieve the physical issues everyday living and perhaps leisure pursuits inflict on your body.

Reiki treatments can address anxiety and stress promoting better sleep and a sense of calm and balance – a place from which intuitive insights and clarity often present. These insights often help us align with our sense of purpose and support our ability to change.

Wishing to maintain the health and wellbeing of both myself and my clients all treatments will be delivered via distance methods for the duration of the current crisis.

For either distance Emmett or Reiki, I will call you prior to the treatment to understand your intention and expectations for the treatment. Post treatment I will again call you to offer some feedback. Typically Emmett feedback will be a 5-10 minute call, while Reiki will take up to 30 minutes. I will also send you written feedback for the Reiki treatment.

“I’ve received distant healings by Stephen Welsh and it was truly special to feel the love and light through the air waves. Distance healing feedback can contain multiple healing opportunities in its messages and therefore it is truly insightful to go back to it and experience what it does to us each time we read it again.” -C.L Amsterdam.

Bookings can be made at:

Emmett Technique

Are you ready to let go of physical issues? Emmett therapy is a light touch muscle relief therapy that has immediate results and can often relieve issues that have been with you for decades … more


Are you stressed, anxious perhaps even depressed? Reiki treatments are extremely relaxing and can restore the balance you need in order to relieve stress, anxiety and improve sleep. … more

The following services will resume once the crisis is over.


If you are a carer for the disabled you will appreciate any support that can be provided. EMM-Care practitioners can teach carers to improve both the quality of life of their charges and themselves with a numbers of releases specifically designed to relieve spasticity, lack of mobility, tremor and so on. For more read Disabilty Support.

Reiki Share

A Reiki share is an excellent way for practitioners to maintain their skills and a level of wellbeing between full treatments. I do welcome the uninitiated to shares to experience receiving Reiki. Depending on other attendees they may also be allowed to offer with support of myself or other experienced practitioners.


This short course teaches a small focused set of skills and knowledge of Emmett Therapy that is tailored especially to ease common causes of pain and discomfort. The course offers an introduction into The Emmett Technique. It is a non-professional approach to client assessment and treatment for personal trainers and coaches, aged carers, general public and home carers. It is also open to healthcare professionals as a taster of, and introduction to the technique. … aging & brilliant & experience.

Reiki Training

I’m taking a different approach to Reiki training at present. Instead of weekend workshops the training is done over 4 sessions of 3 to 3.5 hours, over multiple weekends. This approach allows those who may prefer a one-on-one experience or very small groups of 2. Importantly the timing allows initiates time integrate what is being taught before moving on to the next step. If this approach appeals to you please call to discuss.

Details of the weekend workshops are linked here. Note they are not run on weekend this year Reiki 1 and Reiki 2

Stephen Welsh

Stephen Welsh – Reiki Master, Emmett Therapist, EMM-Tech and EMM-Care tutor.

Stephen offers an integrated approach to healing using energy work via Reiki and the very effective physical remedial therapy of Emmett technique. “Emmett” is a pain free muscle release therapy that treats issues associated with muscle and connective tissue. Like Reiki, Emmett is suitable for all ages and can of itself enhance the mobility and wellbeing of the client. Each therapy is available independently or in an integrated approach to suit the individual.

You can read more about Stephen <- there.

EMM-Tech Short Courses

EMM-Tech – first-aid for muscles. A short course in Effective Muscle Management for the general public and practitioners alike. Course dates, more information and registration are available on the the EMM-Tech page.   It is really exciting to be able to facilitate this course and teaching these exceptionally effective moves that empower people to assist themselves.

Coming Up …

2020  Reiki Shares @ 7:30pm second Tuesday of the month (Eyes right -> for dates)
2020 Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 workshops ( Call )
2020 EMM-Tech courses (March 15, June 21, August 16)

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