At Light-n-soul we improve people’s quality of life and sometimes even change their lives. We use Reiki and Emmett therapies to assist people with physical and emotional issues that may be affecting their lives negatively. For example, it’s not uncommon for a life long issue such as a “small bladder” to be resolved after one or two treatments. We help children with muscle issues after green-breaks, people with chronic and acute pain in joints and muscles. We assist those with disabilities, their carers, and even the very fit martial arts expert who lacks the grip strength for a throw.

Stephen Welsh
Stephen Welsh – Reiki Master
Emmett Technique Therapist/Tutor

Stephen offers an integrated approach to healing using energy work via Reiki, and the Emmett Technique. Emmett is a pain free therapy used for treating issues associated with muscle and connective tissue. Like Reiki, Emmett is suitable for all ages and can enhance the mobility and wellbeing of the client. Each therapy is available independently or in an integrated approach to suit the individual.

“So what can I help you with today? “

Emmett Technique

Are you ready to let go of physical issues? Emmett therapy is a light touch muscle relief therapy that has immediate results and can often relieve issues that have been with you for decades … more


Are you stressed, anxious, or perhaps even depressed? Reiki treatments are extremely relaxing and can restore the balance you need in order to relieve stress, anxiety and improve sleep … more

Due to the current crisis, all sessions will be via distance treatments.

“I’ve received distant healings by Stephen Welsh and it was truly special to feel the love and light through the air waves. Distance healing feedback can contain multiple healing opportunities in its messages and therefore it is truly insightful to go back to it and experience what it does to us each time we read it again.” -C.L Amsterdam.

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