Invisible Men

Why are there comparatively few men in Reiki – or any energy healing modality for that matter?  Why should the women have all the fun?  Reiki works for all genders, and all genders have innate abilities to offer Reiki.  Why so few men?


We can take the bus wherever we please

I have given this considerable thought and, though many blokes (not me 🙂 like to live with our head in the lion’s mouth, I can only conclude we do not, as a rule, feel safe in company where our vulnerability might be exposed.  Certainly a Reiki session or course can crack the seal on Pandora’s can of worms but it is up to the individual whether to open it or not. There is no imperative to do so. There are no rules. We do not have to expose that which we have carefully canned – our innermost fears. We drive the bus and are free to take it anywhere we want. (Note: Pandora’s can of worms is not good bait.)

Curiously, about half my regular Distance Reiki clients are, in fact, not women. Generally they receive two – three pages of hand-written feedback on their ‘session’ that is usually met with a “Yeah, that’s me.” That’s it. Discussion is minimal. I have not physically met these men. I presume they feel safe enough in this situation because they are effectively anonymous and therefore immune to ridicule by ‘peers’. They benefit from Reiki, but they are invisible men.

To you dear reader, if you wish to experience Reiki or know a man who may benefit, there will be an opportunity on  April 30, between 10am-3pm. I will be offering brief (10-15 minutes) Reiki sessions at Abitza.  Other energy healing modalities and chair massage (not from me) will also be available.

Surprisingly, this man will look exactly the same after a Reiki session or learning Reiki.

Surprisingly, this man will look exactly the same after a Reiki session or learning Reiki.

If that is a bit imposing then Reiki Connection at 7:30pm on Wednesday May 13th may be more your style. You do not have to be Reiki attuned to share Reiki, just have an open heart and mind.  Newcomers (of all genders) are very definitely welcome. For those who wish to experience full Reiki  sessions, these can be booked on most Sundays and at other times by arrangement.

One of the sadder aspects of men feeling they cannot access Reiki is that they also deny their loved ones. Fathers and children, partners and partners – all can benefit from a little, or lot of, Reiki from a confident, competent practitioner. Now there is a Reiki course for men, designed by, and delivered by a men.  This course uses a very hands-on practical approach to learning Reiki I and is called Practical Reiki. It is running in June.  There will also be a mixed Reiki I in July.

Invisible, man or not, feel free to contact me if you have any queries …

Stephen (Not one of the invisible men 🙂

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