The Invisible Man

Distance Reiki rocks. Having just successfully treated a silent migraine with Distance Reiki for a long-time client I wondered aloud what the hell I did in such a situation before Reiki? The answer of course was  “All I could.” Usually that would be offer water and sympathy,  but only if  present.  I do like being the invisible man and being able to reach out to offer support to others in a timely fashion. If they cannot get to me, then I can get to them using Reiki.

It is astounding that there are so many Reiki II practitioners out there who do not seem to employ the skills they are empowered to use for distance healing. I am convinced it is lack of confidence and trust in themselves.  Good training and practice is the key of course.

Distance healing can be as simple as offering good thoughts to a person, or as complex as writing them a letter consisting of feedback of a conversation with their higher selves and subconscious mind.   This latter method does  require a certain maturity in that the information from the sub-conscious can be confronting for both healer and client.


Often all we need is a little direction.

Then again, we are never given anything that we cannot handle are we?

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