More tools in the toolbox

driving a screw with a tack hammer

Phillips head nail driver

When all you have is a tack hammer in your handyman toolbox then all problems tend to look like nails.

Reiki … a toolbox for well being in your hands.

Reiki provides tools for use in self-care. You will find most Reiki practitioners  practise some form of Self-Reiki on a daily basis. Even if it is for just 5 minutes.  They know Reiki is one tool that sharpens with use. They also know if they lay down their tool for awhile they can pick it up again and use it. For life. It is always there in your toolbox of wellbeing in your hands.

After taking a Practical Reiki course you will have a set of tools that you can wield at anytime, anywhere for your benefit in self-care. You can also offer care to loved ones.

Reiki for 5 minutes a day can provide a calming, lasting benefit for you or loved ones.

Reiki calms and centres you – much like meditation.  Reiki also invigorates and enhances clarity of mind. This is because it works at an energetic level to  provide the relaxation necessary for clarity of mind and to open up your body’s energy pathways to function more efficiently and heal when needed.

Reiki: Practical Applications

Some of the practical applications of Self-Reiki include: preparation of yourself  for the day, Reiki for calm in tense situations – driving, a relaxing Reiki for added calm before sleep, five minutes before a meeting or presentation, five minutes of Reiki before supporting others, ad infinitum.  Your imagination is the limiting factor.  


Reiki can be used prior to driving (and selecting your couture).

You may also use Reiki with creative hobbies, with outdoor activities – gardening, walking, fishing, and for soothing bumps and bruises after contact sport. Use it with your pets and family too.

Remember that self-care is important so you are your best, and therefore better able to assist others.  All it takes is 5 minutes a day.

I look forward to meeting you at Practical Reiki  (Reiki I for men) in June, or Reiki I in July.

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