Plumbing Clogged?

Reiki can be thought of as a craft, or art if you prefer, and you need to hone your skills. The more you practise the better you become because you are clearing your energy channels (plumbing ūüôā with each practice.¬† Looking at the analogy of the gym, someone who gyms* everyday will improve more and perform better than someone who gyms*¬† weekly.¬† With Reiki your gym is with you at all times so¬†you can insert¬†Reiki workouts as opportunities arise¬†during the day.

* ‘gyms’ may not actually be a verb.

Self treatment is important but¬†it is important to receive Reiki from others reasonably regularly. If you ‘feel’ that the flow of Reiki is somewhat diminished in your self-treatments it may well be because you have not been receiving regular Reiki treatments yourself. ¬†Without regular treatments you may have developed an energy block or may just be a little tired and¬†a little de-sensitised to Reiki. There is nothing quite like passive receiving of Reiki from others to clear the plumbing and enliven the senses.

Of course this can achieved  via a Distance Treatment, a personal session or you can attend a Reiki share, where you both offer and receive opening up your Reiki channels as well as receiving the social benefits. Remember we are all one, we are all connected, and we should reach out to each other.

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