Reiki II

Learning Reiki raises your awareness. Reiki 1 is the beginning of an eventful journey should you choose to take it up. The journey is filled with growth, love and discovery that we are part of a universal power. Reiki 1 attunement leads most people from away from scepticism and opens up doors to new dimensions of consciousness and unconditional love.

meditation-1384758_640Reiki 2, the second degree, is a giant step towards understanding and becoming fully attuned to Reiki. Reiki second degree training and attunement focuses on more directed use of Reiki energy with a particular attention paid to mental emotional healing in both hands-on and via remote or distance sessions. Reiki two practitioners have a larger toolbox (and more tools 🙂 for working with themselves and others.

I have read reports that with Reiki II comes an increase in the power of Reiki – fourfold in some cases. In reality we are all individuals and as individuals we respond to Reiki II just like we do to Reiki I, and that is as an Individual. However, the second level attunements will optimise your ability to allow reiki energy to flow. From personal experience and comments from attuned clients I know that practice is the key.

Personally, something I found surprising was the opening up of psychic abilities that came with Reiki 2 attunement or more specifically the distance healing aspect of Reiki.  I really had no clue there was any latent skill in my science oriented mind.  One finds it difficult to deny one’s own experience though, and distance Reiki has become somewhat of a specialty for me.  Neurotic dogs, migraine afflicted friends, cautious cockys (I love offering to birds – they are so flighty :-), sleep deprived mums, anxious artists, newborns  – all can benefit from distance Reiki: the best part is no shave or dressing up required.   Actually there is something better but you will have to experience it for yourselves to understand.

Also there is an increased sensitivity to that which cannot be perceived by the usual 5 senses that occur in your normal day to day living – but that is for another post.

If you are Reiki I attuned and feel you are ready to advance to Reiki II the next workshop is in August 2016.

The gentlemen who recently graced (not a term I would usually use for big hairy blokes but we were and are) the Practical Reiki (Reiki 1 for men) course are certainly qualified.

Lots of Love and Light, people … remember you are full of it 🙂


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