Pets are people too.

(Details have been changed to protect the innocent.)

FiFi (pronounced Fee-Feye) is a fun loving pooch. Again. This middle-aged mutt (alliteration addiction – apologies) is again eating portions commensurate with their proportion, playful (“where’s my shoe…?” ), calm and relaxed, desirous of walks, and generally being their old younger self.

As the Fauxphums (FiFi’s human pack) relate the story: 3-4 months ago FiFi started a slide into what can only be described as an anxiety-ridden existence. Welcome walks became fraught with fear. Whereas a slipped lead used to mean a rollicking 30 minute gallop around the neighbourhood with the Fauxphums in breathless pursuit. FiFi now resisted walking and when induced to leave the premises pulled at the lead, slipping it to race home and cower in some some dark hiding place. Food, previously wolfed, was acknowledged with a desultory nudge and a nibble taken here and there. The nose dry – presumably from sleeping too much. Playfulness was replaced with endless nervous pacing.

There was no obvious trigger for FiFi’s decline or anxiety.

While I thought that the Fauxphums turn of phrase, “I want you to do FiFi” could have been worded a little better, I commenced a course of three distance Reiki treatments on FiFi. This particular type of treatment includes written feedback that is passed on to the recipient or their guardian (Fauxphums) in the case of pets or children. The feedback includes wisdom from the Higher Self and an indication of what the Sub-conscious is experiencing. Human recipients can get quite a conversation going between the two. With animals the feedback is somewhat more existential and stilted than with human subjects but it is nevertheless effective in divining what is ailing them. I have, with permission, included some extracts of this feedback below for the first two treatments – the third is to come in a few days.
In the table: Sub: means Sub-conscious HS: Higher self
Not called: means not called. I use fixed hand positions to commence and then place hands in non-traditional positions that are being called. The Rear Legs and Creases are examples of this below.

Position Treatment 1 Treatment 2
2 Sub: outside bad. No-one can hear me.
No-one can see me. The daytime lights hurt my eyes.
Sub: Feel good. ancient warriors rub my belly.
Base T Sub: Cats, dogs barking. They jump
on me. Clubs, teasing, torture pain.
Sub:Fish and chips*.
Rear Left Leg Sub: Sleepy. Pain. Not called
Rear Right Leg Sub: trapped. They caught me by the leg.
What’s in the food? The chicken is ghastly.
Not called
Heart Sub: Panic attack…overwhelmed.
HS: He is unwell, young one.
Sub: I’m not sure I like your hands on my head.
But you won’t hurt me. I would like a big doughnut*.
HS: Creases

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