Reiki Connection


I have been asked to explain the term Reiki Connection and why I use it over the more common Reiki Share.  There are two reasons. The first is quite simple: making a connection with like minded individuals.  The second is a bit more convoluted.

Reiki is often referred to as a sacred healing energy connected to ancient healing techniques. It well may be but it is more than that. Deep into his journey of spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery, Makao Usui (re-)discovered a healing system that is in fact a side-effect of the spiritual connection that Reiki provides.

Usui travelled extensively through Japan talking with Buddhist teachers and monks learning from them and trying to connect with better his spirituality.  In 1920, just 6 years prior to his passing, he travelled to Mount Kurana to fast and meditate for 21 days. He hoped his meditation would bring him a connection to an ancient energy he had learned of through his studies.

He assembled 21 stones, and each day used one of these stones to track his time in reflective solitude. Towards the end of the 21 day meditation, it is believed he sensed an intense energy on the top of his head and with it he was awakened to the ancient energy which we call Reiki.   At the same time it is believed Usui was also made aware of its healing properties.  This energy aids in our self-realisation and connection with the divine or source depending on your belief. It helps us rise our awareness of self and others. It enhances our connection with our true nature and life’s purpose.

Usui principally used Reiki for his own spiritual development and that of others.  Usui began offering healing and teaching the healing method we know as Reiki in addition to his spiritual teaching. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his healing service to victims of the 1923 Kanto Earthquake and ensuing fires that destroyed Tokyo and Yokohama. At the time this was the greatest natural disaster in Japan’s history. This is probably the event that marked Reiki’s ascent as a healing methodology.

Clearly circumstances intervened so that Reiki became popular because of its healing properties.  Some may say this is unfortunate, because Reiki has immense potential for developing intuition, and self realisation. I tend to take the view that anything that better connects us with our spirituality even as a by-product is a good thing.


The key, pun intended, is in the word Reiki itself.  “Rei” means ‘all that is’, and “Ki” – life force energy – the energy that fuels creation and powers the universe.   When looking at the stars you are looking back in time to the origins of all that it is. You know you are made of the stuff of the stars with an awareness and consciousness of being.  You know in your heart that you are part of it all and it is part of you.

Come to Reiki Connection and reconnect with the all that is.

;-)You never know an physical/emotional ache or pain or two may get caught in the crossfire 😉



PS: Wed Jul 20, 7:30pm @ Abitza. 
Please, please, let us know if you are coming.

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