Reiki – WIFI for the Soul

Reiki: WiFi for the Soul.

Harmonising with Ki is integral to aiki jutsu a forebear to aikido which is quite spiritual in nature. Overall the effect is that of enhanced calmness, focus, and willpower for the practitioner. Usui was adept in aiki jutsu and developed his way of teaching at least in part through the spiritual aspects of his martial arts training.  Usui’s method was to guide the practitioner to be aware of themselves to recognise old patterns and break them down.  This gradual process enables practitioners to rediscover their true selves because we are all born without these patterns. With that comes the awareness that each of us is the keeper of the knowledge we require and that this knowledge is within.

Practising Reiki can help you to be inward looking and reconnect with that part of yourself that is free of pretence, ego and judgment. This is your soul consciousness and it can help you identify for yourself what is needed to be for you to be happy and align with your higher purpose.

People, or rather their intentions and expectations can cause Reiki to appear to “not work”. It is simply that the expectations do not match the higher good of the recipient – whether the recipient be the self or another.  Some have expectations that Reiki will solve all their problems.  Reiki works through practice which in turns illuminates your issues so that you can see them.  You may choose not too view your problems the way Reiki presents them to you in order to resolve them.  Reiki empowers you, but in the end you will be resolving your own issues.

Of course all this work requires patience, persistence and resilience.  Some have the unreasonable expectation that Reiki is some sort of wondrous pill or potion you ingest and magically you’re cured.  Alas, there is no such elixir to be found in Reiki, or anywhere else for that matter.   Reiki takes time and practice.  Would you expect after years of neglecting your physical fitness that one visit to the gym would ‘fix’ you? There may be little obvious change from day to day in going to the gym.  After months and years though, the benefits accrue and begin to show.  So it is with Reiki. It is a tool that requires regular well-intentioned use in order to explore or discover things about yourself.

Inward Journey

Inward Journey

Your inward journey begins with Reiki level I, Reiki II  is another step in that journey.  How far you choose to take it is up to you.  It certainly does not end with becoming a Reiki Master!  People who think that are in for an unedifying reality check because the inward journey is an endless transformational experience.  Of course that may well be part of this lifetime’s experience for them.  Nevertheless, each step brings new insights and tools for use as the journey progresses.  Reiki improves our ability to be in touch with the knowledge within – the knowledge within our soul consciousness. Reiki is indeed WIFI for the Soul.


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