Reiki: a gift for the modern man or woman

Various energetic healing practices have been used throughout the ages in ancient societies and on all continents (except perhaps Antarctica).  Reiki is an energetic healing practice that is unique for many reasons, but chiefly it is the ease of learning and speed of response that ensures Reiki is very well suited to our modern lifestyle.

‘Relentless stress’ is how I would describe modern life.  Relationships, rest, recreation, and family time are often sacrificed on the altar of career advancement.  These sacrifices leave us stressed, anxious and depressed.  The emotional strain exacts a physical toll from the body that can have long term effects with chronic complaints that in turn exacerbate our anxious state with health concerns. To be caught up on this merry go round of modern life is to be trapped in a vicious cycle.

Does your day start like this?

Does your day begin thus?

You can break this cycle by gifting yourself the ability to relax and destress by placing your hands on yourself each day.  With relaxation comes an awareness of our health and happiness and the conditions necessary to improve them.  So profound are the insights that it is difficult to believe that they are the outcome of the simple act of breathing purposefully and placing hands on ourselves.

With each Reiki practice our bodies grow a little stronger and our minds clearer so that we are less prone to reacting to negative stimuli and are more likely to respond to stressful situations with equanimity.   This in itself is worth the price of admission because there is much less guilt to be borne with a harmonious response rather than an angry outburst.

By now you will be realising that Reiki is a journey, and of course each journey begins with a first step. That step is to register for a Reiki 1 course (aka Practical Reiki – October 15th and 22nd).  Within 2-3 hours of commencing the course you will have performed your first self-treatment.  By the end of the course you will be well equipped with the skills to prevent yourself being sucked back into the vortex of modern life and so improve your well-being.

Love and light


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