Flood of ideas


Of course Plato is correct and from the mud of the flood, Abitza will blossom again. It has already begun. The first Reiki share for 2017 and workshop have been run in the building next door at 54 Main St. Upwey. We hope soon there will be a pop-up cafe as well as the reading/treatment rooms. For now though we will muddle through with an urn and herbal teas.

Some things will carry over – like Readings, Healings, Meditations, Reiki Share (next one is Feb 22) and Abitza Day (Mar 11) and etc,. With change comes opportunity and other days such as “Pamper Day” (-working title – Feb 18) with such delights as facials (I do not think mud-packs are planned :), and full relaxation massage being available as well as the usual array of modalities. Bookings will be necessary for the facials and full massage or Hypnotherapy in the private rooms.
Details will follow soon through the Abitza website.

Personally, I have increasingly been called to people’s homes after hours for both Reiki and Emmett. Emmett offers immediate relief to physical symptoms. It is very effective on its own but goes hand in glove with Reiki because Emmett also has an impact on our energetic body.

Those who wish to resume their semi-regular Reiki (or Emmett), Sunday treatments will need to call me to make a booking rather than drop in to Abitza – at least in the short-term.

A native American guide ‘strongly’ suggested to me when I sought their guidance with a vexing problem:
“You are enough.”

If we believe we are never presented with anything we cannot cope with then we have the tools. Therefore ‘we are enough’.
The trust in ourselves is perhaps another matter.


p.s. I Am enough 🙂

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