“My hero … “

Normally when someone directs a greeting towards me in this manner, I look around to see who is behind me. Not this time. I knew exactly what I had done, and her husband was pleased to. You see, the young lady in question had received an Emmett treatment from me for an extremely painful condition about a week earlier. From hobbling into the treatment room in acute pain to walking out, somewhat gingerly still, in much less pain and much straighter took about 30 minutes. For this lady, the Emmett treatment had reduced a 4-5 day pain endurance marathon to a couple of hours. A gentleman with the same condition had similar results just last week. In two minutes.

Immediate results in the physical – that is the big plus for Emmett treatments. There are also ‘energetic’ elements to the body’s reaction to Emmett which make it particularly useful to use in conjunction with Reiki, but that’s for another day.

blue chameleon

The Chameleon approach – adjust to suit the client.

I came across Emmett through the good auspices of Andrew Turnbull – the very significant other of my friend Meghan McNamee who is also a practitioner at Abitza. There wasn’t a particular problem as I recall, but Andrew’s assessment of my gait, posture etc. and subsequent corrections were spot on. I felt things – muscles – shift, muscles that had not shifted for quite time I suspect. With great care and compassion Andrew gave me the Emmett* finger. (*It is distasteful to leave out the descriptor “Emmett” – apparently)

Both Andrew and Meghan suggested I learn Emmett and so, after much umming and arrrring over the next 6 months, I enrolled for an EMM-Tech course.

The EMM-tech course was an eye-opener. As each of the dozen or so releases was explained, demonstrated and practised I could see these techniques being useful to use on family and friends to bring them some relief for things like: swollen ankles (oedema), poor balance, sea-sickness, numbness of limb, poor knee flexibility, walking difficulties, back pain, stiff necks and shoulders, headaches, weak or uneven grip, poor arm lift (reach) … and that is just some of the ailments mentioned in the the introductory course.

The EMM-tech course is intended for the general public. While knowing the major muscle and bones will be of benefit, not knowing them is no impediment to learning the EMM-tech techniques. I didn’t know my iliac thingy from your elbow when I started and it hasn’t stopped me. Anyone (including health care professionals) who cares for the elderly, infirm or has a partner with a physically taxing role, would most likely find several moves in this course that would benefit the caree.

Every Emmett treatment I offer uses at least one of the releases taught in the EMM-Tech course.

Previously the EMM-Tech courses have been held in limited locations. In May, we are lucky enough to have Tim Donehue coming to UPWEY to present the “EMM-Tech – Easy Muscle Management” course. Tim is a patient, no-nonsense trainer/facilitator who is very good at teaching Emmett. He must be to put up with me.

You can change lives with Emmett

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Love-n-light, and have a Happy Easter.

Stephen (Reiki Master and Emmett Practitioner)

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