The Summit of change.

The Australian Health and Wellness Summit (#AHWS2017) – what an experience.  I hope everyone gained as much from the summit as I did.  You may have seen posts/slideshows/images on Facebook from various people such as Sue Williams, Laura Geermans, and myself about the show but it is difficult to do the whole thing justice and of course each individual will take their own experiences away from the event.

Well before the event I had decided the Summit would be a signpost – an indication of change for me at least.  I had decided the Summit of change was the event when my micro-business would make a mark outside the confines of Upwey, friends and family.  Has it? We’ll have confirmation when we have bumper attendances at workshops, meditations,  treatment clinics and other events such as Soul Quest, and Emm-Tech training to be held over the next few months.

Change is what myself and the Abitza team are about – change for those who wish it.  Some changes will be quick in coming others may take quite some time so it is tricky to capture all the changes the #Abitza team made to lives on Sunday.  We will receive more feedback though, because we have sewn the seeds of change for many who have never experienced a healing, or reading,  or need confirmation, or are facing challenges or have carried physical, mental, emotional and spiritual discomfort thinking it would never change.  They may not know it but they come to us seeking change.

Sue Williams, Megan McNamee, Julie Jarrett, Laura Geermans, Jacqui Glen, Carolyn Irons, Megan Hopley, Kerrie Fazzino, and Barbara Boyle, you stand accused of changing people’s lives on Sunday.  Including mine. Well done, and thank you.

Personally, my decision to change my practice and study Emmett Therapy and use it alongside Reiki began with a wish to be of more immediate assistance to those who presented for Reiki with physical issues.  Even when the issue is hidden from my usual senses, the Reiki sense can see physical issues and direct the awkwardly named “Emmett fingers” for the benefit of the client.  Reiki can change lives – it did mine.  Emmett can change lives.  It did mine and does others.

The standout on Sunday though was the little girl and mum who came to me for Reiki.  Reiki sense suggested the little girl suffered motion sickness. Mum confirmed it – “a little”. Emmett relieved it – her balance on one foot was poor – perfect on the other.  The reason the mum brought the little girl to me was a persistent stomach bug – nausea.  Penny dropped yet?  If you’ve ever suffered motion sickness you’ll understand.

That would be enough, but there was so much more experience on healing perspective:  confirmation of my foot balance theory from a shoeware company, effectively treating an appreciative GP and practice nurse, Brenda the Manuka honey lady offering me soothing honey for my overworked voice, cooling a hot achilles, Clinton for the warmup yarn & traps release – his breads are amazing, discovering crocodiles in one lady’s workplace, releasing knee pain, the vegan surrounded by burgers, consoling a mother’s torment born of love of  her son, relieving back pain, anaesthetising Kerry, the lady with the Emmett relieved burning pain down her leg… So much relief and peace from Reiki and Emmett, sometimes working solo, at others in tight harmony.

Challenges as well.  Jude, I reckon I have the answer, but I’m not sure it is to the question you’re asking.

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