Home visits … what a privilege.

This evening I had the privilege to visit and treat a family in their home. Sons, grandmother and a middle-aged man. What a privilege it is to be able to serve the physical needs of such lovely, generous and grateful people.  It is humbling, and gratifying to the point of joy to see the young one gain some flexibility, and reduce the teen’s pain.   I do mean the physical pain of a young athlete rather than ‘pain’ a teen sometimes feels.

The man’s neck had been stiff for years.  No more – at least until he does something to re-injure it..

Grandmother’s – to use nanny or nanna would be to deny her grace and poise – balance restored.

“A man rode a bike over her foot and broke it … just here” said the daughter indicating a line on grandmother’s foot.

“Ah,” I thought that explains the dream I had a week or so back where I was shown how to treat that exact injury even though it was healed.  The dream, through me, reconnected the foot as one to the brain. Or was it?

I won’t hurt (much) to ponder that a little.  The dream, and others like it, would appear to be the future reaching back into the past, scripting the dream to support the then future now present.   How does it happen?  I’m sure I don’t know, but things like that seem to be occurring more and more regularly and I am grateful for it because it serves others and not just in the physical sense.  When I tell them of the dreams or other happenstance surrounding their treatment it gives them pause.  Their cogs begin turning.

Such occurrences are reminder of the support I have – we all have – from our friends in high places.


coloured mushrooms

A lot of dreams are a little like this- symbolically surreal.


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