Life is Change.

Most of the people that come to see me on a professional basis want change in their lives.  Often they wish to remove or keep at bay  some ‘pain’ in their life.  Here ‘pain’ can mean emotional (anxiety for example) or physical pain. Whether the pain is a recent short-term rental  or a long term lease they have come to realise that they would like change. For their better.

About a year ago a client came to see me with concerns around  Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).  Not only was the afflicted limb of concern but the rest of the body was beginning to deteriorate while trying to compensate for the damaged limb.  Based on discussions with other CRPS sufferers it can persist for a decade or more and have detrimental impacts on mental health.  CRPS is thought to be caused by the central nervous system being damaged or malfunctioning.  You may have heard stories where an amputee can still feel the removed limb – the brain is convinced it still exists. CRPS is thought to be the opposite – the brain does not acknowledge the existence of the limb and therefore does not send it the usual regulatory signals and so inflammation and pain follow.  Treatments are being developed to retrain the brain that the limb does exist and to resume signalling again.

I will admit, CRPS caused me some concern at first a year ago as I was unsure whether I could do any more than offer temporary relief from pain and stress through Emmett and Reiki.  The good news was that research (betterhealth for example)  indicated it was possible to recover from CRPS and that most people did.  Recovery is a matter of time and the client becoming actively involved in making the physical and emotional changes required.  It was also encouraging to realise that Emmett techniques actually do reset the brain’s signalling processes to restore balance to muscle groups and so could be effective in treating CRPS.

Late last year the CRPS client returned ready and determined to make change.   Progress has been profound – “I am amazed you can touch and move the limb that way – normally the slightest touch will trigger a massive pain reaction” , and steady “I want to stretch … I can stand on my toes – I haven’t done that for years”.  Life is changing in a positive way for the client under their control rather than the negative change – a decline into depression that often occurs without a pro-active approach CRPS (or any illness).

I have been most humbled by a recent Emmett treatment review on  facebook.

I approached Steve to work with balancing my whole system as well as a lifelong issue with a very weak bladder. I would give any pregnant woman competition with going to the loo (piddle time) sometimes up to 10 + times a day!!! I had tests as a child and my parents were told I just had a weak bladder, so this was my lot ….. so I thought. I asked Steve if there was anything he could do with EMMETT. Straight away Steve knew what the issue was and with one simple technique ………. I am astounded that now I can go for hours without seeking out the nearest loo. This has been extremely liberating for me and road trips are now quite a pleasure as I do not have to plan ahead and seek out public toilets.

If you have not experienced EMMETT – don’t wait any longer, you will be astounded.

While it is gratifying to be acknowledged in such ways there are also great learnings from Barbara’s story.

  1. We are never too young for Emmett.
  2. Even a life-long issue may have a solution – it is a matter of finding the correct modality to resolve it.
  3. The human body has an amazing self-healing ability even after a lifetime out of balance.
  4. We are never too old for change.
Young Boy

Emmett is suitable for all ages.

Increasingly I also find body, mind and spirit are more strongly interconnected than I knew. The person with CRPS above was told the medical profession could do nothing for them and referred them to physiotherapy and psychology.  Their psychologist has remarked on a considerable improvement in mood since resuming Emmett and pursuing spiritual healing and is encouraging the continuation of both.  Sleep has improved, participation in life is enhanced, painkiller consumption is down.  Life has changed.

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