Review, Reflect, Renew, …

Ah yes, here we are at the time of year that warrants a little introspection and review of how the past year’s activities transpired, of goals reached etc., assuming of course you still remember those elusive goals and if they remain relevant. Two biggish ifs, eh?   If you find the idea of looking back and assessing your rear, navel grazing and feflecting on failures, more than a little bit abhorrent  – a couple of glasses of red will help but may lead to hypos and overly wordy garrulousness. (Note to self: still struggling with digression) It’s almost February, so there is perhaps just a smidgen of time left to review, reflect, renew, regret, … and maybe seek revenge. No not that last one …

I like to think I’m over those last two but occasionally a vengeful thought begins to form …  “How [delicious] [ironic] [satisfying]  would it be if so and so experienced [insert deliciously schadenfreudian incident of choice]?”.  It serves you not to dwell on such things. Or regret. Change is worth a passing thought or two.

Out of the blue, events can conspire to unsettle, in an absolutely non-trivial, life-upending-  grand plan burning- goal smashing – way.   The Abitza flood of Dec 2016 was one such event and was literally “out of the blue” being the result of an overachieving thunderstorm and Upwey’s underachieving drainage. That event floated fridges, smashed walls, upended bookcases and lives. Customers were bereft. Staff too. The whereabouts of the kitchen poltergeists, the knife wielding Katrina and pot throwing Kevin, are still unknown.

The Abitza healing centre, with the tremendous support of the Upwey community wielding hand tools and painting implements, emerged from the mud and on Jan 8, 2017 opened next door. That changed lives. The cafe opened again on August 8 at 8 am.  That changed lives too, as those who asked “when will you open again?” could once more sit, enjoy the Abitza atmosphere and ask something else: “Where are the chips? Where is the paleo burger?” Egads, even menus changed.

Big yellow duck

Big slightly fluffy yellow duck – nearly Plucka sized but far better behaved.

The re-opening also triggered some to think they may like to change their lives and move on to whatever lay ahead. I did that a few years back (Mar 2012) when I leapt from my comfort zone and a perfectly functional Cessna at a good number of thousand feet. Now, it’s time to make another leap of faith because the vehicle that has conveyed me to greater and greater heights since March 2013, Abitza Healing Centre and Cafe, is closing in February 2018.

This news has caused me (and others) some introspection. For me it has affirmed my belief in the value of what I do as a practitioner. I have faith that my abilities are applicable beyond Abitza and Upwey.

“I change lives” is sometimes how I respond when asked what I do. Offering support and healing to others @Abitza changed my life and for that I am internally grateful. (I’m a bloke – external grateful is a work in progress). I have realised over the course of hundreds of chats with staff, friends, clients, treatments, workshops, hugs, and more recently “Bloke’s Stuff”, that to heal we must be open to and willing to receive it. These truths are immutable. If we are willing the changes can be profound.

The essence of Abitza has changed my life. I guess I was willing. I can’t recall a decision, conscious, semi- or unconscious, to be ‘willing’, but it’s people, the vibe, ‘coz “Abitza doesn’t do fluffy” (I have photographic evidence above to the contrary), and the love have been a brilliant nursery for me as a practitioner and person. Abitza is always welcoming to those with an open heart. Closed hearts are a little trickier but are also welcome. How much I’ve changed. For the better! I’m much happier to expose myself now.

— See you soon

blue face painted tigerish image

If you take a selfie … dress up a little – one Abitza Day in 2015 – thanks Sam Silver

Next: … rambling has ensued but I feel I have conveyed what I wanted to in this pots. More on where I’m headed in the next week … or so. For the time being

You can find me at Abitza on Mondays and Saturdays


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