Healing (Reiki) Share (Jan 31, 7:30pm)


Facilitating a Reiki or energy healing share has been a delight and a privilege each month for the last couple of years.  What makes a light-n-soul share different is that any hands on healing modalities compatible with Reiki are welcome .  As well as experienced practitioners we also welcome those new to energy healing so that they may experience both offering and receiving it first hand and perhaps for the first time.  We are an inclusive bunch – but it is not the same with all Reiki shares as facilitators (usually Reiki masters) often have strict rules around who can attend based on their Reiki status, whether they were a student of the facilitator and what not.

Reiki Share

7:30 pm. 31st Jan, 2018


52-54 Main St Upwey

Call/txt to confirm attendance

0405 829 489

What to expect?

Typically we have 6-8 attendees at each share from a pool of about 20 or so people who attend regularly.  We are indeed blessed to count among our number several healers with decades of experience – their innate abilities having been honed by practice.  Those who attend shares will know I do tend to bang on about practice – on self, and others.  That is one of the reasons shares were introduced – so that the newly attuned had a safe space to practice and share their experiences.

After being seated, for the newcomers benefit, we introduce ourselves and each give a very brief overview of our energy healing experience and what we do as practitioners.  It is not uncommon for someone to share a deeply spiritual event of their recent past if they are open to sharing.

At times we may briefly canvas a topic pertaining to energy healing, spirituality or ritual. What follows just prior to heading to the treatment tables is a brief meditation incorporating statements of intent and some ritual to start the energy healing flowing if it isn’t already.


Reiki: bringing balance to your mind & spirit.

At the tables we split into groups with 3-4 people per table.  Traditionally newcomers are invited to be first onto the table.  If you have a particular physical issue you’d like to receive healing energy make it known.  Healing takes place for 10-15 minutes.  Remember you have 2-3 sets of hands on you so  healing is accelerated.  After your session on the table you will be quietly roused, offered a drink of water and invited to share your experience with the people who worked with you.  They will also share their experience once you have finished.

Occasionally, depending on numbers,  you may receive a chair healing as well as the table healing or a distance healing from the facilitator.

What will you experience?

We are each as unique as snowflakes (hopefully not as fragile 🙂 and so will be your experience of energy healing.  You may feel a little vulnerable at first but the placing on of hands is usually settles that. You may feel nothing but peace and calm, or nod off.  You may see colours, or visions, have surreal thoughts, burst into laughter or tears, become happy or sad. Most often people experience serenity.

Will you be able to offering healing? 

Yes.  Someone, usually the facilitator, will guide you in connecting energetically to the person on the table and what to do – usually on the legs and feet.  The key is to just be open to your intuition and let things flow once started. The facilitator may place his hands on your shoulders (Reiki Train) to boost the energy flow. It is not that you are doing anything wrong – the client needs it.

What does the newcomer need to do?

Have no expectations – how’s that saying go: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – so it is with healing. Relax, and experience the loving, healing energy that is drawn into the space by some remarkable healers. Drink lots of water before and after the session. Healing can release toxins into the body and we wish them flushed as soon as practical.

~~hoping to see you there,

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