Ageing Gracefully.

Grace requires balance. Alas, balance is ageist and tends to desert the elderly for the young.   Of course that’s not entirely true but you would be forgiven for thinking so as flexibility, mobility and balance tend to taper off with age.  It does not have to be so of course.  The old maxim – use it or lose  certainly applies to every aspect of our being.  Use your brain to keep sharp.  Exercise to keep limber and the heart ticking over.

Balance or rather lack of it, can cause issues as we get older.   Poor balance can lead to poor posture which in turn leads to pain contributing to a reluctance to move which, little by little, further degrades our balance to the point we become afraid of falls putting further pressure on our posture and so on.   It is insidious.

Balance aids sometimes lead to poor posture.

Personally, I love fishing – especially freshwater.  Many of the smaller streams (and lakes) I frequent have fallen timber which offer both an obstacle to clamber over and a vantage point from which to look into the aquarium at my feet.  I like to think I will have the balance to be able to do that for a couple more decades yet.

As an Emmett practitioner I now have the skills to be able to restore my balance when it begins to drift.   Many of my clients will have had the experience of my testing and restoring their balance if necessary. Undoubtedly the older the client the more likely their balance is to be off.  Some of the things that can cause that drift – ill fitting, overly  tight foot wear (like my Davinci chisel-toed boots) or incorrectly laced footwear.  Something as simple as sitting cross legged can also cause imbalance.

I am aware of one small study into the efficacy of Emmett balance treatments.  The results mirror what I find in my practice with both seniors and not so seniors.  The study was performed at an aged care facility with a small number (22) of participants. All though the numbers were small, the results are statistically significant and not just due to chance.

The Physiotherapy Scale was used to rate each participants abilities:

   4: Able to place foot in tandem independently and hold for 30 seconds
   3: Able to place foot ahead of other independently and hold 30 seconds
   2: Able to take small steps independently and hold 30 seconds
   1: Need help to stand but can hold 15 seconds
   0: Loses balance while stepping or standing

Each step of this scale is also indicative of the independence and sense of wellbeing that a participant will experience.  Each participant was rated before and after treatment.

The graph below shows the before (green) and after (blue) results for one of the assessments.

graph - before and after

Participants 1 & 10 were removed from the following comments because they already reached the maximum (4) & to make arithmetic simpler.

Points to Note from the graph above:

  1. No one was made worse by the treatment.
  2. 85% of participants experienced improvement by at least one step.
  3. 25%   achieved 3 step improvements.

How liberating it must be to not be able to step or stand without support at all (rating 1) to be able to step and stand independently (rating 2 or more)? I like the idea of people being able to age disgracefully but to do so they need balance and grace.

The whole report, 4 pages and a testimonial,  is available here: Mareeba Age-Care Report

Magic or EMM-Tech?

Actually it’s a bit of both.  Participation in an EMM-Tech short course usually results in exclamations of “magic”. In this short course you are taught some treatments that enable you to achieve the sorts of results mentioned above. You will be able to gift better balance, movement and most importantly independence to friends and family  who respond to your treatments.   The EMM-Tech short course is designed for the general public.  The purpose of the course is to give the general public a set of tools to off first aid for muscle and connective tissue issues. Physiotherapists, and other body workers,  will also find it useful as an introduction to Emmett Technique.

Next EMM-Tech course: Sunday June 16, in Upwey.

Please call 0405 829 489 for further information or send an email below:

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