Bloody brilliant.

Last post I talked about Ageing (dis)Gracefully and introduced the Emm-Tech Short course which is intended to assist carers of all sorts in supporting their charges.   As I review the course before teaching it, and think back on my more senior clients of the last year or so,  it occurred to me how brilliantly the course has been put together by Ross.

Ask yourself what are the main issues for seniors (actually they apply to all of us, as a young lady who just completed a half-marathon walk will attest) are:

  1. Efficient breathing – often overlooked but very, very important.
  2. Good balance – not being knocked off balance if jostled or slipping.
  3. Leg strength and stiffness – so we can ascend/descend stairs or pick something up off the deck.
  4. Grip and arm strength – so we don’t drop what we just retrieved from the deck.
  5. Reach – alas supermarket shelves seem to grow taller by the year.
  6. Flexible neck – important for safe driving.  The car. Not golf – although it would help with that too.

Of the dozen moves taught in the course each covers more than one of the issues above, one directly and others a little more subtly. For example:

  • Ease of breath is influenced by 3 moves taught in the course. One directly influences it, the other two release chest and back muscles directly, but also influence breathing.  I would have appreciated knowing some of these moves when winded as a footballer.
  • Balance is influenced by 3 moves taught one of which influences fluid retention in the ankles or calves and therefore leg/ankle stiffness. The other two directly affect balance.
  • Leg strength by a further 3 moves … and so on.

What this illustrates is that for us to function at our best our systems need to be in balance.  Take breathing for example. If the chest and back release gives you an extra few percent lung capacity doesn’t that mean you are able to tackle a flight of stairs,  hill or the thousand steps more confidently?  Athletes will certainly seek out the extra lung capacity.   If we are well balanced and our leg movement is fluid and unrestricted then we are using that extra oxygen more efficiently as well.

childs feet

Even feet as young as these can benefit from EMM-Tech treatments

The truly excellent news about this is that all but two of the moves taught in the EMM-Tech short course can be used by able-bodied individuals on themselves  as well as others.  The moves in the course restore balance to muscles or muscle groups so that they can perform to their full potential whatever that may be for the individual concerned.    We’re not going transform  Norm into an olympian without putting in the hard yards.

The EMM-Tech course is for carers – professional or family, for self, for partners, for athletes and trainers. Yes – it is for us all.

Sing out (0405 829 489 ) or email (  if you’d like to know more.


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