Shed that which no longer serves …

… perhaps even a love handle or two.

The previous post had a 5 minute, or however long you set the timer, meditation.  It is easy to use and remember. Taking that basic meditation we can introduce life force energy (or Reiki) and use it to declutter or cleanse our system of ‘that’ which no longer serves us.   It is this ‘that’, or ‘stuff’ which causes us to become stuck that may lead to lowering our vibration (ever wonder why it’s called a ‘low’ mood?) and exhibiting behaviours that are not beneficial to our wellbeing: reluctance to exercise, overindulgence in the hop or grape, and emotional eating and or non-eating – the list is quite long.

The ‘that’ might be

  • toxins that wreak havoc on your bodily systems (excess sugar, alcohol, smoke, chemicals …)
  • emotional issues, or beliefs that present in your body
  • lower vibration emotions, fear, shame, guilt
  • energetic dross that has stuck to your body or aura

Actually this will be an agnomic meditation.  Reiki Practitioners will know where to insert the words Reiki and use any symbols.

gnome meditating in lush garden


  1. Set the atmosphere by lighting a candle, incense etc. and assume your favourite meditation position.
  2. Form and set an intention for the meditation either by writing it down, intoning it or reciting it quietly to yourself. For example: “For my highest good, I ask the life force to flow through me and cleanse me of the matter and energies that no longer serve me.
  3. Breathe slowly, deeply and be present.  Clear your mind – if thoughts intrude merely be come aware of your breath.
  4. Start the life force energy flowing. Envision the energy entering through your causal chakra (or crown if you prefer), flowing through your body and down into mother earth. On its journey collecting the ‘that’ no longer serve your highest good, and replaces them with the life force encouraging healing.
  5. continue this for a while.  Use your intuition – you may sense the life force concentrated more in some areas than others let this happen. Again if thoughts intrude, there is the breath. Always breath.
  6. When you feel you are done, take a minute or two further to imagine the energy continue to flow filling all those places that were cleansed with “love and light”.  Intend that the life force fills you to overflowing knowing that this energy will act as prophylactic protecting you from the ‘that’ which arises later.
  7. Conclude by grounding yourself, and thanking the higher realms and vibrational energies according to your belief.   Drink plenty of water and follow your usual post-treatment procedures.

The more observant among you will have noticed that the ‘w-word’ – weight – was not mentioned in the meditation.  The idea is to address the root causes of weight gain not the weight itself which is often a symptom of a deeper problem.

Give it a Go

Try this everyday for at least a month. You prescribe the duration, and know what to do if you miss a dose – take the next one and carry on.  Try it for a month and see how it works for you, remembering  the effects of Reiki, any energy healing treatment or meditation is cumulative, with each treatment building on the last.  Practice regularly and give yourself a chance.

It is impossible to predict what the impact will be: you may come to accept your body, or the practice may give you the strength and balance to adhere to exercise programs, or to gradually change your diet.  Emotional issues mays arise and be cleared.   If you don’t have an open mind and heart though I reckon nothing much will change – we have to be open to change – especially ourselves.

I’d be really interested to hear you stories when you try this for a month or more.



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