Increasing Hand Sensitivity

Some people experience difficulty sensing the Reiki energy in their hands.  This is quite normal and can be occurring for a variety of reasons not the least of which what their hands are used for on a daily basis.  Sometimes its best they not be too sesnitive.  Using hand tools, digging in the garden, in fact being up to your elbows in manual work of any kind can toughen and desensitise the hands significantly.  Being ill can also lessen our hand sensitivity and certainly post-operative medication can definitely numb the senses. Alcohol will also numb the senses, thus it is not a good idea to drink and Reiki.

Hand tools can desensitise hands … and remove skin.

So how to increase the sensitivity?  Before we answer this though, who is the Reiki you are offering for?  The recipient or you and your hands (or both in the case of self-practise)?  Of course your intent is for the recipient to receive for their highest good, and so what is important is how they feel before, during and after receiving Reiki.  Their feedback can help you understand your senses especially feedback from someone who is familiar with and understands Reiki.  This is but one reason why attending Reiki shares are important – practice, and sharing knowledge. 

During your own self-practise be aware of how your body felt before, during and after the session.  This self-feedback will reinforce that the Reiki is flowing.

Expectations. Let go of the expectation to feel anything in your hands during practice after all it is the recipient who should experience the benefits.  As long as the recipient receives the benefit does it really matter if the practitioner feels the energy?  Having expectations will also tend to make you tense, and draw your focus away from what you are doing for the recipient. 

The sound of one hand clapping – men’s doubles.

Stimulation. Rub your hands together prior to practice. Try an experiment. Run a finger as gently as you can over your palm.  Now rub your hands together until they are quite warm and run the finger over the palm again?  Do you notice anything different? Clapping your hands a couple of times will have a similar effect too rubbing. 

Touch Stuff.  Although we are spiritual beings we are here for the human experience and that includes using the senses of hearing, taste, touch, smell, and sight.  Touching things will increase your ability to recognise the various sensations touch can bring us.  Hard, Soft, coarse, fine, warm, hot, cold, smooth, textured, furry, slimy, tacky, dry, wet, moist, and etc.  Did you know you can detect a flaw in a smooth surface that is invisible to the eye?  How do these sensations make you feel? You’ll only find out through practise and experience, but each carries a message if the sensation presents while working on a client.  What does heavy energy feel like? What does a hot or cold spot mean to you?  Everyone’s sensations have a different code and you must practice to be able to decode yours.

Touch stuff – even the light … (always seek permission before touching another’s stuff, lest there be contusions.)

Practice.  This is the most important tip of all.  There is no reason that 5 minutes (preferably more) a day cannot be found for self-practice.  Watching TV, sitting on the train/bus, sitting in a meeting all offer opportunities for practicing Reiki.  One of my favourite practices is to go to a movie (or seminar) and sit in a state of peace for an hour or two. 

Look after your hands as best you can, and may you hear your hands when they talk to you.




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