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Gingerly testing the knee, then bouncing around the room close to tears, glowing with joy Jay asked me  “Do you know how long I have had knee pain?”

This moment is just one of the many highlights from an EMM-Tech course I tutored on 20th October ’18.  Moments such as these are why I love teaching EMM-Tech courses to ‘normal’ people.  By ‘normal’ I mean non-therapists.  As Emmett Therapists we can change peoples lives.  As Emm-Tech tutors we can empower people and their families to maintain those changes, and sometimes even make them.

How do we do it?  We observe. We demonstrate the Emmett Technique. We encourage. We share our experiences. We answer questions. We supervise and guide practice of the releases, and we have fun doing it.

What to expect in an Emm-Tech course.

After housekeeping and introductions, we briefly discuss Emmett Technique and its history.  This is followed by work around the principles of Emmett Technique, the terminology, some body landmarks (hips, thigh bone etc) and the methods for finding the points of interest from these landmarks.  These are all in your hands.

Each release is demonstrated 3 times or so on one or two of the participants so that everyone can observe how the release is performed.  Colour photographs with easy to follow step by step instructions for each release are included in the Training Guide provided for the course.

After the demonstrations, participants team up in teams of 2  (3 in the case of odd number) and practice the release on each other.   At times the tutor will suggest certain people should work together to optimise results during the day, and  especially what they take away from the course.  In Jay’s case her partner was press-ganged in to really getting a very strong handle on the release for followup after the course in case the issue returned.  Common sense really.

Practice  is the most important part of the EMM-Tech day, as it helps cement the principles discussed earlier, and offers the participants experience in finding points for the release,  offering it, and obtaining immediate feedback from those they treat.    All this is done under the watchful eye ( as well as ears, nose and 6th sense 🙂 of the  tutor.

Following each release practice, there is a time for group feedback and discussion that helps cements participants learning and answer any questions that might arise from it.

The demonstration, practise and feedback takes well over 6 hours of the 8 hour day and during that time you’ll learn 10-12 releases depending on the way you count them.  Lunch and breaks account for another hour or so, so you can see there is a heavy emphasis on the practical element of the course.

The releases taught and practised cover the body from head to toe as outlined on the Emmett HQ website.

At the conclusion fo the day, we have a little certificate ceremony and a group photo for those who wish to participate in it (and when I remember to take it).  That’s why we have the July 10 crew photo in the article.

How many people attend?

My preference is for 4-8 people to attend courses I facilitate.  At least two people are required to attend the course for practice purposes but such low numbers are not always economically viable due to venue costs.   In theory there is no restriction on the maximum number of people who can attend as long as the venue will cater for them. Additional tutors are required for in excess of 12 attendees.

Who should attend?

The EMM-Tech course is designed to be accessible to the general public for the benefit of those they care for.   Physical therapists, yoga teachers, and trainers can get a taste for Emmett Technique and adding some effective releases to their repertoires.


In 2018 the cost is $250 per person for this day long course. Community and family groups can attract a discount – please call to discuss.

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