Distance healing? Look in the mirror for a client.

Typically absent or distant healing is described as practitioners sending healing to someone who has expressed some discomfort and finds themselves unable to access a practitioner for a hands on treatment.  There is much more that distance healing can be used for though.

Experiences in our past have caused us pain or trauma.Some experiences can have a long lasting effects, both the cryptic and the starkly obvious, keeping us with one foot, and sometimes both feet, firmly planted in the past. We may not be aware of it. We can be reliving the old wound through new experiences or yearning for what we believe and know should have happened instead.  As such we are stuck, paralysed, unable to see and release what holds us back.  We cannot move forward and enjoy the lives we would wish ourselves. These painful memories and traumas can also manifest in physical ways as illness or disease.  Yes, we are ill at ease with some past experiences in either this or a previous lifetime. In our lives we manifest repeating patterns without realising it and these patterns allow us to relive old hurts.  These hurts become a significant part of our story without ever appearing in the credits because their effects are so pervasive they become the norm – the background on which we paint our lives.

For example, think about people who always seem to end up with a certain partner type. What role has the child’s observation of their parents relationship played in those choices of partner?

Identifying those patterns (choices) and traumas provides us with an opportunity to perform healing work and break them. The result is often  a completely different outlook on life that impacts our own lives and the lives of those close to us.  Some of the telltale signs to help you identify issues and patterns: 

  • An emotion seems to repeatedly reappear relating to an old issue.
  • Wishful thinking in that something could have “turned out better if only…”
  • Feeling piqued to mildly annoyed, through to vengeful wrath at the way a past experience unfolded.
  • Experiences of intense anxiety, fear or anger over seemingly innocuous incidents (i.e. not dangerous) in your daily activities.

“There is little joy in a journey repeated over and over. A different path offers new vistas, different horizons, and novel challenges each with unforeseen reward.”  – Our friends in high places.

Distance healing techniques can assist in these situations for practitioner and client alike.  Although Reiki is my practice these techniques are not Reiki  specific.  I know the technique  outlined can be used with other energetic healing modalities or even by those who have had no energetic healing training at all.  If intent is there then the rest follows. 

light bulb and led light in a mans hand

The more observant of you will have noticed that we are referring to healing past experiences, in effect sending healing to the past.  Actually if you think about it and accept that whatever ails us – our illness, sense of disconnection, disease, lack of balance, emotional disregulation – whatever the issue – it is the result of past experience(s). In fact healing sent to the future (yes you can do that too) is to the past.

Let that sink in.  All healing is to the past.  Sending healing to the future is based on experience of the past.  For example, from experience you know you will be anxious about a scheduled encounter with a work colleague and so you send love and light to the situation prior to it occurring.  In effect you are sending healing to an anticipated reaction to a past experience that is similar to one that is yet to happen.

Situational Support

For our first example of distance or absent healing we’ll use a person you know – you.  We chose you because you are probably self-aware enough to recognise a stress inducing event that looms in your not too distant future.

What you need  

For this technique all you need is a quiet space (at least initially), self-belief, your hands, an intention, a notepad and pen.


Prepare your space as you would prepare for meditation.   Mobile devices are best turned off of course – at least until you are practised.  You may lose your connection, as well as sounding and feeling like a space cadet if you do answer the phone, so it is best to leave the outside world to muddle along on its own for awhile.  It won’t go away.  Probably.


Write down the situation on a piece of paper.  If it were a meeting with your manager that stresses you, write something like:

“I wish the situation surrounding my meeting with my manager, Gnit Piquer on Thursday at 3pm to appear in this energy field for  healing for the higher good of all concerned.” 

This is your intention. Once again, with practice you will be able to rattle them off without writing them down.  Note the specific role, name, time and date to specify the event.  Omitting the time and date may send healing to last week’s meeting – a good thing* but not what’s intended in this. (*I almost invariably send healing back to stressful encounters for the higher good of all concerned)

Once the intent is down, calm and centre yourself and form an energy ball in the manner that best suits you.

When the energy ball is formed and stable call in the situation by reciting the intention three times.

Seek permission as you do not wish to force healing on anyone or anything: state something like “this is a healing – if you wish to do so leave now”. You will most likely feel someone or something get the hell out of dodge but you won’t know who or what although an educated guess may occur to you.  Let that go.  It is the situation that is important – not any specific membership and especially any particular outcome.   For example, don’t intend that you have no stress at the meeting as the manager may interpret the lack of stress as you not giving a rat’s patootie about the meeting.

You may also set a time limit: 5-10 minutes is good for these types of healings.

Send love and light  in the manner of your practice to the situation between your hands until the time is up or the energy flow changes or stops.

Bless, release and dismiss the situation according to your training and practice.

The process above is the basis for the half dozen or so in hands distance healing methods I practice and teach. It can be adapted to suit situations past and future, as well as for loved ones and clients.  My favourite though is using a proxy and writing written feedback for the recipient.  It is a most humbling experience to sense the thought form of another being in your hands.  I say ‘being’ because the recipient may well be an animal with the feedback being for the animal’s human.

It will be interesting to hear how your situational supports pan out.


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