“Reiki doesn’t work for me …

…and I have no idea why. I must be unworthy, broken or just a nuff-nuff.”

Yeah, nah.  There is a significant chance you are simply being human. People, or rather their intentions and expectations can  cause Reiki to appear to “not work”.   People who do not receive the expected results are quite likely labouring under a misunderstanding.  Ask any experienced Reiki practitioner if they have not found themselves initially flummoxed by one of the misconceptions  listed below.

Please understand that wonderfully miraculous results can be attained quickly when receiving Reiki as it will relieve physical, mental and emotional pain and discomfort and supports their healing.  Ultimately though, the client will have to do some work themselves to heal themselves completely.

Reiki is no Silver bullet.

Some have the expectation that Reiki will solve all their problems for them. This is not what usually happens. Reiki is not a silver bullet. Reiki works through practice which in turn illuminates your issues so that you can see them. You may choose not too see your problems, or accept the way Reiki shows you to solve them, or just not let them go.  Reiki empowers you, but in  the end it you will be solving your own issues.  However – whichever choices you make, you are learning about yourself.

Reiki requires patience.

A number of us have the unreasonable expectation that Reiki is some sort of wondrous pill or potion you ingest and magically you are cured.  Alas, there is no such elixir to be found in Reiki, or anywhere else for that matter.   Reiki takes time and practice.  Would you expect after years of neglecting your physical fitness that one visit to the gym would ‘fix’ you? There may be little obvious change from day to day in going to the gym. After months and years though, the benefits do accrue and begin to show. So it is with Reiki and our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.


Reiki requires practise.

Reiki can be thought of as a craft, or art if you prefer, and you need to hone your skills. The more you practise the better you are able to recognise the subtle energies coursing through and and about you.  Each practice enhances your ability to channel the healing a little more.  Looking again at the gym analogy someone who gyms* everyday will change more and perform better than someone who gyms*  weekly – all things being equal of course.  A daily attendance does not ensure that the intention to do the work is there – turning up is only part of the equation.   Unlike gymming, you can do Reiki workouts multiple times during the day. Developing your personal practice is so important you should be looking for ways to include Reiki throughout the day and not just the formal evening or morning Reiki jog. (*gyms may not actually be a verb.)

Reiki is a journey.

Reiki is a journey, or even a mode of transport for the journey, it is not a destination.   It can also be thought of as a tool for exploring or discovering things about yourself.  Your Reiki journey has only just begun with Reiki level I, how far you choose to take it is up to you.  It certainly does not end with becoming a Reiki Master!  People who think that are in for a rude shock as the journey is an endless transformational experience.  There is always a new horizon to explore and beyond that another and another… . If you choose, Reiki can be a lifelong journey.


Sometimes the journey is up. Sometimes down. We do stop and rest, but it will continue.

Being Invested in an Outcome.

Especially when new to Reiki, we may channel Reiki to the intention of a specific outcome in a particular situation.  This is more likely to happen when you are invested in the outcome.  For example you may send Reiki so that you are not nervous in a specific job interview.  This is quite a specific outcome.  What if the interviewers decide you are too laid back?

A better approach is to offer Reiki to the whole situation surrounding the interview.  In this way the outcome that is for your highest good is achieved. It may not mean you get the job but you do land the next, and better one.   

Pushing Reiki into a desired outcome will not work in the way intended especially if the outcome is not for the highest good of the recipient.  You have little if any way of knowing if it is for the highest good.   Feeling a bit stressed or sensing resistance to Reiki is an indicator you may be invested in the outcome.  Similarly, if you feel drained after offering Reiki you are pushing your own energy towards the intended outcome. When offering Reiki be open to any outcome. Reiki is an intelligent energy that will find its way to the place of highest good for the recipient in that moment. Open yourself up to feelings of peace, and trust that whatever the outcome, it is the best for all involved – whether they realise it or not.



PS: it may pay to read this if you feel you cannot sense the healing energy in your hands

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