Energy work.

It’s pretty straightforward, really.

Installed in the near silence of a cozy room, generally a small space, sometimes with daylight, sometimes with candlelight, perhaps an exotic scent, just one focus, the table. In that living space we can talk, my fellow and I, chosen human beings both. Looking at each other, trust established, we repeat once again this old ritual. Probably the most ancient ritual since man has been on Earth, the laying on of hands to offer what is needed under the skin and sought by the soul. Settling into a silence, observing the stripping away little by little the documented details of a life, to the kernel of matters that chose now. Both or none, may glimpse what is under the skin, what resides in the shell and what now is all about, but in all its humility universal consciousness prevails and we are changed.

Changes may be profound or subtle, but are clear and lasting.

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