Reiki Bank: self-treatment saved for a rainy day

One of the awesome things about Reiki is that it can be used in imaginative and creative ways. One such way is the Reiki Bank. As the name implies, Reiki is deposited and stored into a “bank” for later withdrawal as required.

basic Reiki bank function - top in good times -withdraw as required
Reiki Bank – healing saved for a rainy day

Reiki bank is a form of distance healing that Reiki Level 2 practitioners train to setup for themselves and others. A bank can be setup for anyone quite easily.

The bank’s great benefit that the recipient can make a withdrawal whenever they please by relaxing, and asking for a treatment. Typically, each deposit results in somewhere between 3 and 5 treatments being stored in the bank.

What is it used for?

This type of healing enables a client to control their own treatments and receive reiki when they need it most perhaps after a medical procedure or when dealing with stressful situation. The amount of uncertainty surrounding the current covid-19 crisis is certainly resulting in elevated stress and anxiety. The reiki attuned have their self-practice to support them. The alternative is to have practitioners send distance healing.

Personally, when too tired to perform my usual practice, I use Reiki bank.

Overlooked as a treatment option?

Forgetfulness plays a large part in it – out of sight out of mind. Practitioners, including myself, forget that Reiki bank is an option. Those who have issues around unworthiness, may feel that it won’t work for them. Whatever the reason, it is a shame because it is a valuable tool.

How do I access the Reiki bank?

If you feel under the weather, find somewhere where you can relax and simply ask to receive a healing from the reiki bank for your higher good, or for the best outcome of a particularly stressful situation. As such, you can experience all of the usual benefits of a reiki treatment accessed from reiki bank: improved sleep, more relaxed, reduced pain, improved outlook and so on.

How do I setup a Reiki bank?

Referring to training notes is the best way to refresh your memory, or ask your teacher for a reminder. (* If you would like to attend a distance reiki refresher – drop me a line and I will add you to the waiting list)

If you would like me to setup an account for you, it can be done through my bookings page.

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