Mind joy time sulks.

What a joy it is to engage your mind in a task that completely demoralises your sense of time so that for a time at least, time throws its three hands in the air and sulks in a corner.

mind joy time sulks. A hand tightly clenching an armchair armrest, the owners head bowed resting on the arm, overlaid with a surreal image of a pair of hands materialising a pegasus like unicorn in a bubble.
Let the imagination free wheel for awhile.

I am not referring to the type of task where you can safely engage auto-pilot. Those are the things you can accomplish without engaging with your thought processes in any meaningful way. Generally that task is bat-guano boring to you. Washing dishes, doing the laundry, sitting through an unproductive meeting at or remote from the office. During these tasks your mind can head off on an ill-disciplined stroll among far more interesting and often problematic things that it feels require attention.

No. The tasks I refer to are the ones that you enjoy, bring you calm and very often have you lose track of time. Enjoyment levels are such that all other emotional and mental atrocities perpetrated by the current situation are held in abeyance while you are in ‘the zone’.

Enjoying “time”

A friend of mine recently spent time productively building a screensaver. It consisted of the people they most enjoy being with. The screen saver supports their ‘wanna be with’ cravings.

Others have resorted to ‘inner work’ as we call it in the industry. From the outside, whatever is now going on in their insides is on the upside. It is indeed rewarding to be able offer a hand to those in the dark, and support their recognition and rising from it.

Some other pastimes that I have seen burgeon in the last month or so:

  • photography
  • walking in nature
  • doodling
  • visualisation / meditation
  • on-line art/music/performance appreciation
  • reading for pleasure
  • tormenting words & training them to “sit-stay” in unusual contexts
  • seeking the absurd

*(I have to be honest – the two on the list above are mine )

It is pretty clear that people, if they can, when they can, are spending time on themselves and things they enjoy rather than ‘working’ or ‘commuting’. They are clearly missing family and friends. To partially redress this loss they are also redirecting energy usually spent in a flat spin on being present in the moment. Their intuition and/or creativity and sense of wellbeing benefit.

No two persons activities will be the same of course. The challenge for you, should you wish to accept it, is to nominate the activity that you enjoy so much that you repurpose your sense of time and use it for something not a chore.

Time poor?

Alas, not everyone has the luxury of having time to reassign because they are trying to manage children at home. Perhaps they are worrying about where their next umpteen mortgage payments will come from. Stress and anxiety is also compounded when their usual support networks disrupted. If that is you then, much stress and anxiety can be relieved with better sleep, and some exercise that will:

  • Boosts mood and the immune system
  • Decreases stress and improves memory
  • … and about another 20 benefits including improved sleep.

Exercise often also sends time to the naughty corner, and clears the mind.

Don’t have time for exercise?

Well one thing you can do is visualise exercising.

research has revealed that mental practices are almost effective as true physical practice, and that doing both is more effective than either alone.

– AJ Adams, Psychology Today.

Almost as effective” means nearly half as effective but I think you will agree, that is better than nothing.

For my part, I can offer you a couple of things including free guided visualisations (these are usually advertised on facebook a week or so in advance.

With a Reiki Bank you can treat yourself – self medicate if you like. Use it to still the mind, relax and calm the body, especially just before you attempt sleep.

A distance healing can be the hand that reaches for you in the dark and supports you on your journey. Distance healings are very beneficial for relieving stress, anxiety, improving sleep and re-energising a tired mind. And that’s the short list…

Noticeably, he moved from a place of being stuck and negative, to one of hope, clarity of thought, warm, peaceful and having a sense of direction through the Reiki Healing he received. Today, he is managing life’s situations with a greater sense of calmness, and honouring his own life by moving forward positively and with a greater awareness of ‘self’.

– M.B.Geelong

Wishing you all the love-light-laughter-beauty-calm and mind joy you can muster as time sulks in the corner.


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