“Patience is a virtue.”  Do you remember that saying?  What would that make impatience?  🤔

A colleague and I were discussing that today, and how other people’s lack of “virtue” can pressure and diminish us.   It is tricky to not let it be so.  Acknowledging lack of virtue in others can disarm them of course, “I will be with you in a moment…” but some will be determined to remain as un-virtuous as suits their beliefs.  

I have a philosophy on delay and patience that becomes more apparent to me each day.  It is basically this: 

“Delay is the universe rearranging your time-line for your benefit.”

More simply: 

“Everything happens for a reason”

Delays are micro “sliding-door” moments, and there probably isn’t a good reason to become impatient because of them.

Delay slows you down, gives you the opportunity to choose awareness, catch your breath.   If frustration and impatience occurs often perhaps it is time to ask why a few minutes matters so much?  

These ⏰ are man-made not heaven sent. 

If your coffee was slow to arrive, then it was so you bumped into so-and-so later on.  If you missed a set of traffic lights then perhaps it was so you could hear that song you love just before you arrived at your destination.

I walk in the forest. I don’t really like to take calls in the forest but I do.  It is a bit of a lottery anyway with signal dropping in and out depending where I am.  It doesn’t happen often that a call gets through.  

Last evening, though breezy up in the canopy, the air was pretty calm down at ground level. However, there was a single fern frond waving about – “over here …over here”.  That was a bit out of the ordinary.  Naturally I stopped for a minute or two to check out the creature that may have been causing it – nought.  Then the phone rang.  

After completing the call I checked – missed call before the fern, and disappearing signal a few metres down the track from the fern.   I would have missed the call except for the fern.  All up 5 minutes spent standing where the signal was good.  What made the fern wave?

Resuming my walk I came across animals and birds on the trail or crossing it that I would not have seen if I hadn’t noticed the fern and stopped.   Without the fern and call I would have passed those particular spots on the trail well before the animals presented.

Much the same thing happened this evening on a different section of trail – delayed by a call, then coming across the lyrebird in the video crossing the track and start into his calling before roosting for the night.  I would have passed that spot well before the bird arrived but for the call.

Become virtuous. Be patient, accept the “call”, let things play out in their time, there may be a jolly good experience awaiting you. For those close to you – they will sense and begin to mirror your sense of peace and calm. 

What situation do you feel you could show a little more virtue in? 

(Me – supermarkets – argh!)

See you soon,


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