About Reiki


Kanji representation of Reiki

Reiki (pronounced: RayKey) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki, that together describe the universal life energy.

Rei is creation, and to the spiritually minded suggests “all that is” as expressed through the creative expression of the mind of God.  If the notion of God troubles you, then simply marvel at your awareness, and consciousness of your being. When looking at the stars you are looking back in time back to the origins of all that is, and know in your heart that you are part of it all.  

Ki  is the Life Force energy that fuels creation and powers the motion of the universe, animating everything from the smallest particle, to supernova and beyond.

If you accept these meanings, know that you are alive and part of ‘all that is’, then you are part of  the Reiki, as are we all, even those who have absolutely no belief or trust in rei and/or ki.  

Subtle, powerful flows of healing energy course through those offering  and receiving Reiki.  Reiki’s true essence, Love,  accelerates one’s ability to heal physically, also opening the mind to the causes of illness. 

sleep-835468_640Reiki’s gentle non-invasive healing energy can lead to heightened self-awareness.  In turn,  profound emotional and spiritual transformations can result if the recipient so chooses.  Who wouldn’t want to take full responsibility for their life and well-being?

Would it surprise you to know that the energy and vitality you feel when all is going well and you are at peace with the world and, more importantly, yourself is Reiki?   Reiki treatments remind the body what it is too feel that you are at peace, giving you the space to perhaps address issues that may be concerning you in a centred and controlled manner.  Instead of reacting (often over-reacting), rather you respond in a calm and considered manner. Reiki restores balance so that the body and mind can heal itself. 

A brief outline like this cannot do Reiki justice.  It is best experienced. Sitting quietly in a chair for  10 minutes or so experiencing Reiki  offered by an experienced practitioner, is usually sufficient for most to comprehend its potential.  For more information on the Reiki Sessions offered checkout the treatments page. 

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