About …

Stephen Welsh
Stephen’s Reiki journey began in earnest in mid-2011 when his hands spontaneously “turned on” and he has been able to offer Reiki from that point.  Since then he has received formal Reiki training and is now on the Reiki master’s journey post alignment.  He shares his knowledge and love of Reiki through workshops, Reiki shares, and Reiki treatments.

Complimenting his Reiki training, Stephen is a qualified Emmett Therapist. Emmett Therapy is a gentle muscle release therapy that uses touch to restore muscles to their balanced natural state thereby reducing pain and discomfort.

To add to his collection of electronics and other trade qualifications, Stephen has a PhD in a computer science related field earned at Monash University. He has taught computer programming, software engineering and professional communications. Currently he serves the research community at Monash and beyond as a software professional, coaching, training, analysing user needs and supporting the research effort.

He is an avid fly-fisherman and fly tier who can also string a knowledgeable word or two together about the fly tier’s craft  – well enough to have the odd article published in FlyLife and Flyfisher magazines.  His home waters are the Yarra, and Goulburn rivers but you are likely to find him painting a cast on the beaches of Victoria, in the Victorian highlands, the lakes of the central plateau of Tasmania, the pristine streams of New Zealand or the Cook Islands’ lagoons.

All this of course occurs when time permits: renovating a 1948 vintage home, offering Reiki, muscle release therapy and working  all take a fair swag of time.

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