Distance Reiki Course

Humbling and profound are the two words I would use to describe the first time I offered an Energetic Reiki healing.  Profound because the realisation that a boof head like me could make a connection with another across time and space and through that connection offer them insights to themselves that had previously lay hidden or buried.    It is humbling to think that as indviduals we are part of a universal energetic system that lays beyond comprehension or explanation. We come from a humble stock in this mortal form, but we can see beyond it.  To think someone – who we may never have met – will allow us to make a spiritual connection with them and through the feedback offered, affect their wellbeing and out look on life – for their higher good of course.

DRWORLDTechniques taught in the workshop are often not practised if mentioned at all during Reiki II training. This depends somewhat on the teacher and the numbers in a class which may prohibit deeper exploration of the techniques. All of my workshops and Reiki training are centred on practicing the techniques, often multiple times, so numbers are limited.

As Reiki teacher, the highlight of this workshop is observing the attendees faces transform from “I can’t do that!” to delight as they begin performing an Energetic Reiki session with written feedback.

Your confidence in Distance Healing using Reiki will be (re-)established through practice broken up by brief discussions on:

  • Reiki and the ethics of distance healing.
  • The Higher Self
  • When to use distance healing (even when the client is present).
  • Situational healing.
  • Pairs and Group Healing.

At the conclusion of the workshop with your new found confidence and skills you will be ready to offer healing to a variety of situations – past, present and future.

During the workshops you will (re-)learn and practise to:

  • Heal yourself and other workshop participants via distance Reiki
  • Offer Situational healing, past, present and future.
  • Setup and use a Reiki bank for yourself and others.
  • Receive feedback from the Higher Self and sub-conscious of a client during an Energetic distance Healing session.

You will also receive distance healing during  the workshop. Notes will be provided.

To gain the most from this workshop:

  • You must be attuned to at least Reiki level II in any form of Reiki.
  • You should use Reiki quite regularly and have the three traditional Reiki symbols integrated well into your healing ritual. (Practise if rusty)
  • Bring a hardcopy photo of yourself and a friend (ask permission) who would like an energetic distance healing with feedback from their higher self.
  • Bring a pillow (second week)
  • Do the homework 🙂

Bookings:  Essential. Numbers will be limited due to the nature of the workshop.Contact ABITZA (9754 6850) or myself through the Contact Page

Prior payment is best : $180 (Early Bird* $150) with $50 deposit 

(* Early Bird paid in full at time of booking by May 1st.)