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Subtle, yet powerful flows of healing energy course through those offering  and receiving Reiki.  Reiki’s true essence, Love,  accelerates one’s ability to heal physically, as well as the opening the mind to the causes of illness.  Reiki uses the universal life force or healing energy and functions on all levels of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reiki’s gentle non-invasive healing energy can lead to heightened self-awareness.  In turn,  profound emotional and spiritual transformations can result if the recipient so chooses.  Who wouldn’t want to take full responsibility for their life and well-being?

Reiki treatments remove blockages allowing the life force energy to flow more freely and hence improve healing. Reiki treatments restore balance and remind the body what it is too feel that you are at peace, giving you the space to perhaps address issues that may be concerning you in a centred and controlled manner.  Instead of reacting (often over-reacting), rather you respond with calmness and consideration. Reiki restores balance so that the body and mind can heal itself.

Those wishing to learn to offer Reiki to themselves or others, can attend Reiki Level I or Reiki Level II workshops several of which are offered during the year. Bookings are essential.

Anyone can learn to offer Reiki.  Holding a  healing technique literally in the palm of your  hands allows you improve your own wellbeing as well as that of others.  Once having learned Reiki it remains with you forever  and allows you to manage and support chronic conditions such as autoimmune diseases, pain, depression or anxiety.  Parents can use Reiki to support their children in times of stress.  Reiki is a complimentary therapy meaning it can be used in conjunction with massage, counselling and modern medical practice. Reiki is indicated for any stressful situation.

Beginning your Reiki journey and becoming a Reiki channel is a gift of self-healing that will result in:

  • an improved sense of wellbeing,  inner peace, and calmness
  • greater focus and harmony, empowerment, and connection with self and all that is
  • heightened senses including that of intuition
  • personal healing on  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Remember, you will not be alone in your Reiki journey I will be there to support you after you attend one of my Reiki classes.  Questions you may have concerning your personal Reiki practice can be addressed to me through email.  Better yet, visit the Reiki shares (Reiki Connection) run at least once a month on a Wednesday evening.  Come along and share your wisdom and that of others, while you practice offering Reiki.

You can read more about each of the Reiki courses offered:

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