Reiki II

Reiki II training and attunement deepens your understanding of Reiki in ways you will find unimaginable. Your ability to channel Reiki is enhanced with the use of the Reiki symbols.  In addition to these powerful tools you will learn and practise Distance Healing techniques that will leave you humbled by the experience. Learning Reiki II can be a life changing experience.

meditation-1384758_640Reiki II has a pre-requisite that  you have first completed your Reiki Level I and have had at least 21 days and preferably 42 days self-treatment since taking Reiki I.   Reiki II is referred to as ‘Practitioner level’ which means you can work as a Reiki Practitioner after the completion of the course (assuming you join  a professional organisation and obtain insurance, etc.) Many people choose to attend Reiki II  for their own personal healing journey or to further deepen their knowledge and practice of Reiki before moving on to Master level training.  Most potential Reiki clients expect their Reiki practitioner to be qualified to Reiki Master level.

It is expected that applicants for this level of Reiki perform at least daily self-healing, and have completed Reiki I with me.  Others who have completed Reiki I elsewhere, should contact me so we can have a discussion as to what was taught to you and your expectations.  It may be I am not the right person to support you on this part of your Reiki journey.

This class runs on consecutive Sundays, 10am-6pm.  Class sizes are limited to 6 maximum to ensure you receive adequate personal attention and time to integrate the symbols into offering treatments and to gain confidence in distance Reiki – a much under-utilised tool.  The investment is $350 with a $50 deposit to hold a place.

In Reiki II you will:

  • Learn and practice the usage of the three major Reiki Symbols and one other.
  • Refresh and expand upon your healing of others from Reiki I using the Reiki Symbols
  • Learn and practice sending Reiki via distance techniques
  • Learn some basic guidelines for being a practitioner
  • Further expand your intuitive abilities.
  • Clear a room or space with a Reiki blessing
  • Come to understand the importance of your personal daily Reiki practice
  • Receive a Certificate  for the Second Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing (Reiki Level 2) and Reiki 2 manual.