My eternal gratitude to those who have provided feedback and given permission to publish it here.  – Stephen Welsh

Emmett Therapy

I have been struggling with some long-standing neck pain, including the associated headaches/migraines and merry go round treatment management of pain medication and anti-inflammatories. I would like to say that after weeks of putting up with all of this, I saw Stephen once only, and I have not felt any pain, have not required medication of any sort, I have full movement in my neck again and I am feeling far better than I have in a long time. Stephen is an intuitive and skilled man and I would highly recommend anyone who is considering a treatment with him to take that leap. I personally will be continuing to consult with him in the future as a primary treatment focus, as the benefits not only begin straightaway in terms of relief, but the longterm benefits of health wellness both physically and mentally are wonderful!

A. Kirkpatrick

“I approached Steve to work with balancing my whole system as well as a lifelong issue with a very weak bladder. I would give any pregnant woman competition with going to the loo (piddle time) sometimes up to 10 + times a day!!! I had tests as a child and my parents were told I just had a weak bladder, so this was my lot ….. so I thought. I asked Steve if there was anything he could do with EMMETT. Straight away Steve knew what the issue was and with one simple technique………. I am astounded that now I can go for hours without seeking out the nearest loo. This has been extremely liberating for me and road trips are now quite a pleasure as I do not have to plan ahead and seek out public toilets.

I am humbled by Steve and his knowledge, insight and ability to understand what the issue was.
Steve also treated sciatica for me several months ago with the same profound immediate effects. I am eternally thankful and will continue to see Steve for ‘general maintenance’ as required.f you have not experienced EMMETT – don’t wait any longer, you will be astounded.” – Barbara Boyle (Melbourne)

“Steve, you are an incredible beautiful soul.
Thank you for the amazing spaces you create and hold whether it be in a private healing to Reiki share to Emmett Tech. l’ d like to take this opportunity mention the work we have been doing on my legs has given me wonderful relief, they are feeling much better. As always looking forward to Share tomorrow evening. So again, from my heart space to yours thank you, l am very grateful. ” – Shel Kerin (Melb)

Practical Reiki


Wow.  The freedom to explore self and to understand our connection with each other & practical, hands on exercises that opens you up to exploring your physical self straight up in a non-judgemental environement that allows honest expression.” – N.E.W.

“My experience is one of openness and feeling content with all aspects of  Reiki healing.  I am enlightened by approach – to self heal using the Reiki energy. Attunement is invigorating and empowering.”  – P.W. 

Reiki 2

“I would like to thank Steve for taking the time to teach Reiki and sharing his wisdom with us.
I had a wonderful day yesterday with some lovely people whilst taking Steve’s Reiki 2 class.
Still feeling the buzz!!”  – Wendy Bekkers

Distance Reiki

“I have been both privileged and grateful to observe the positive changes that have occurred for my son as a result of him receiving Reiki Distance Healing from Stephen in recent months. My son’s healing began whilst residing in another country and at a time where he was in a place of uncertainty and major change in his life. Often angry and irritable, he could see no way forward for himself and exhibited  the self-destructive behaviours that are associated with being in this space. As Reiki Distance Healing knows no boundaries, and its energy not restricted by time and distance, my son was able to experience gentle shifts or breakthroughs in his life that allowed his heart and mind to open to new possibilities for him. Noticeably, he moved from a place of being stuck and negative, to one of hope, clarity of thought, warm, peaceful and having a sense of direction through the Reiki Healing he received. Today, he is managing life’s situations with a greater sense of calmness, and honouring his own life by moving forward positively and with a greater awareness of ‘self’.

My heart felt gratitude and joy goes out to Stephen, who exemplifies authentic integrity and kindness in his practice and is a gifted healer with a wonderful connectedness to ‘Universal Love/Reiki Energetic Healing’. You are amazingly intuitive and humble, and I it makes me very happy to know that others are able to experience the life changing improvements – physical-emotional-spiritual-mental, through the Reiki experience you offer.
Thank you again, Stephen.”
M.B.- Geelong

“I’ve received distant healings by Stephen Welsh and it was truly special to feel the love and light through the air waves. Distance healing feedback can contain multiple healing opportunities in its messages and therefore it is truly insightful to go back to it and experience what it does to us each time we read it again.”
C.L – Amsterdam

“I am not surprised at the accuracy and bones the feedback touched so closely yet pleasantly – amazed in its work.”
D.C – Melbourne.

It has been an amazing experience working with Steve, for which I am extremely grateful. The messages I have received from my higher self through Steve are always right on point with current circumstances, and always mention something significant to my journey of healing.”

S.B – Amsterdam

“I experienced Distance Healing from Steve recently and the resulting benefits were better than I could ever have expected. Steve is an intuitive and powerful healer and I would highly recommend him to anyone” 

K.M – Melbourne

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