What to Expect in a hands-on Reiki session

Reiki SessionsIn many ways there is no typical Reiki session,  although they do follow loosely outlined procedures and protocols, depending on whether the recipient is seated or  laying on a massage table, a quick first-aid, or one of a series of longer treatments of usually an hour or so or more.

You will be fully clothed during a Reiki session and should be offered the choice of a light or heavy blanket and an eye covering if not receiving treatment on your back. 

Physically a Reiki Master will place their hands lightly on or over the parts of your body related to the energy centres, major organs or areas of pain you indicate or the master identifies.  They will also use sacred symbols to focus healing energies for your benefit.  

You can expect stress relief and an associated improvement in sleep and demeanour;  pain relief and enhancement of your body’s innate ability to heal through support of the immune system and detoxification.  Risng energy and vibrational levels in the body supports spiritual development making space for you to address emotional issues.  Expect to drink lots of water after a session.

Distance Healing

hands-balance2We are time poor in the modern world and can find it difficult to attend a Reiki session in person.  In such cases Distance Reiki can be very effective.  In fact some forms of Distance Reiki, also known as absent or remote healing, can be a very effective means of uncovering issues impacting the clients life they may be totally unaware of – or blocking. I call this Energetic Healing and it includes written feedback of the session to the client.  The feedback takes the form of a conversation between the higher -self and subconscious mind of the client.  Most of the distance Reiki testimonials have had an Energetic Healing.  

Like hands-on healings, the practitioner will often be made aware of issues, both good and bad, that may be taking place in the client’s life.  Indeed, this feedback can be from the past – old wounds or joys, the present or future.  It is important to realise this feedback means very little to the healer and will, in general, only make sense to the client when placed in the context of their life.  Confidentiality is thus assured. 

Situational Support is also performed via distance healing methods.  These situations can be anxiety inducing events such as job interviews, or perhaps there are personality clashes at work.  Each of these situations can be very effectively supported through distance Reiki but require slightly different approaches so please be specific when making requests.

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