If you are a carer for the disabled you will appreciate any support that can be provided. EMM-Care practitioners can empower carers to improve the quality of life of their charges. We do this by teaching you a number of releases specifically designed for your client. For more read Disabilty Support.

Reiki Share

A Reiki share is an excellent way for practitioners to maintain their practise and wellbeing between full treatments. I do welcome the uninitiated to shares to experience receiving Reiki. Depending on other attendees you may also be allowed to offer with support of myself or other experienced practitioners.


This short course teaches a small focused set of skills and knowledge of Emmett Therapy that is tailored especially to ease common causes of pain and discomfort. The course offers an introduction into The Emmett Technique. It is a non-professional approach to client assessment and treatment for personal trainers and coaches, aged carers, general public and home carers. It is also open to healthcare professionals as a taster of, and introduction to the technique. … aging & brilliant & experience.

Reiki Training

I take a different approach to Reiki training. Instead of weekend workshops the training is done over 4 sessions of 3 to 3.5 hours each. The sessions are scheduled over multiple weekends. This approach allows those who may prefer a one-on-one experience or very small groups of 2. Importantly the timing allows initiates time to integrate what is being taught before moving on to the next step. If this approach appeals to you please call to discuss.

Details of the weekend workshops are linked here. Note they are not run on weekends this year Reiki 1 and Reiki 2

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